You are interested in alternative therapies but you don’t know who practices in your surroundings.

Welcome to Reiki Santé Luberon !


Located between Cavaillon and Les Taillades village, this healthcare practice was founded by Pascale Pansin.


My name is Pascale Pansin. Let me introduce myself and say a few words about me.

After numerous years in international trade, I decided to change path and return to school in alternative therapies. My passion for this follows my love and interest  in health from a holistic angle. My Grandfather was a magnetizer (I don’t think many outside France will know what this is). Curative magnetism is a technique of natural healing, enabling to release and soothe pain and a great deal of physical, emotional and mental ailments. The magnetizer will thus deliver the energy needed by the body to adjust and restore the balance. Health is thus defined as a matter of balance.

I follow in my Grandfather’s footsteps to provide a holistic approach to helping you in your health care needs.


Whether it is chronic pain, fatigue or depression, I have had success with the many therapies that I offer that include Reiki, foot reflexology or acupressure. 


Please contact me for further information (use the tab “Contact” for so doing).






A review from a young American student met last Summer:


I received a session from Pascale earlier this year. It was extremely peaceful and relaxing. Pascale has a really calming presence, that makes you instantly feel very comfortable.

She is very kind and professional. The space where she works is lovely and very relaxing. After the session I felt refreshed and relaxed.

Pascale also made some suggestions to me based on what she felt from my body. All very helpful advice that I have incorporated into my daily life. I really enjoyed my time with Pascale, and would highly recommend her services.

She definitely has a talent.

Lara, Washington DC


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